Dental Fees

Dental fees are the amounts your dentist charges for the services they provide. In 2017, the Alberta Dental Association (ADA) introduced a dental fee guide to help mitigate the rising costs of oral health services in Alberta. While the ADA encourages dental providers to use this guide to set prices for their practice it is not mandatory, which means the cost of services can still vary between dental offices. 

ASEBP dental fees follow the Alberta Dental Association’s previous year’s Dental Fee Guide. By using the previous Dental Fee Guide, ASEBP protects premiums and avoids unanticipated dental fee increases throughout the calendar year. For example, for 2024, ASEBP uses the Alberta Dental Association’s 2023 Dental Fee Guide.

While you may have 100% coverage for certain dental services, 100% of your dentist’s bill may not be covered if they charge more than what is outlined in the ASEBP Dental Benefit List. 

To avoid surprises, become informed about how the expected dental fees align with your plan: 

  • Before your visit, talk to your dental provider and ask them if they charge according to the ASEBP Dental Benefit List—the dental office can check coverage levels for services and procedures electronically before they submit your claims. 

To access the Online Dental Guide, simply visit

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