What’s Not Covered

The following list includes items not covered by your Travel Emergency benefits as well as circumstances in which your Travel Emergency benefits would not be paid. Note: this list is not exhaustive.

  • Accommodation, living, parking and travel expenses (outside of what is listed under What’s Covered)
  • Additional costs for medical supplies purchased from providers inside and outside Canada (e.g. shipping, duty)—unless related to oxygen and supplies required for its use
  • All expenses incurred as a result of conduct that would constitute an indictable offence within Canada
  • Baggage and cancellation insurance
  • Coffin, in the event you or your dependant pass away
  • Interest charges on any item or service
  • Non-emergency prescription medication and hospital accommodations
  • Non-emergency services normally covered by your provincial health care plan (e.g. doctor visits, surgery) for dependants attending school outside of Canada
  • If expenses are fully covered under any other benefits you or your dependant may have; payment by all benefit providers cannot exceed 100 percent of the eligible expense
  • If expenses are due to:
    • Abuse of alcohol, medication, non-prescription drugs or toxic substances
    • Conducting or trying to conduct a criminal act under the legislation of the local region
    • Directly participating in a revolt, a declared or undeclared war or act of war, the hostile action of any country’s armed forces, hijacking or terrorism, a riot, civil commotion or any other act of aggression or service in the armed forces
    • Driving a motorized vehicle while impaired by drugs, toxic substances or a blood alcohol level of more than 0.08
  • If expenses are incurred in a country, region or city for which the Government of Canada has issued a formal travel advisory; the advisory must state that Canadians should avoid non-essential travel to that location and be issued prior to your departure date
    • Exception: if the incident is unrelated to the travel advisory, expenses are covered
  • If hospitalization or treatment occurs in a hospital other than a general active treatment hospital (e.g. chronic care hospital, convalescent hospital, nursing home or health spa)
  • If the medical travel advisor is not contacted within 24 hours of hospitalization
  • If travel is booked or started contrary to medical advice or if medical attention is anticipated during the travel period
  • If you or your dependant are medically able to be transferred to another hospital or returned home but refuse to comply with the transfer request, ASEBP is no longer responsible for any expenses, whether related to the initial incident or not
  • If you or your dependant travel to another country primarily for hospitalization or services in connection with:
    • A “rest cure” or travel for health
    • Cosmetic procedures
    • Experimental or unconventional procedures
    • General medical exams for “check-up” purposes
    • Ongoing maintenance of an existing medical condition
    • Rehabilitation or ongoing care for alcohol, drug or any other substance abuse
    • Seeking medical advice or a second opinion
    • Surgery
    • Treatment, even if the trip is on the medical recommendation of a licensed health care provider
      • Exception: if the expense occurs due to a cause unrelated to the primary purpose of travel to that country, it is covered
  • No claims are payable if a covered member goes on a trip for medical advice or treatment, or is accompanying someone else for medical advice or treatment. This includes claims unrelated to the medical advice, or treatment (i.e. massage claim while on the trip). For example, if a covered member and/or a listed dependant travel outside Canada to access advice or treatment for a heart condition (for either individual) and the covered member and/or listed dependant need emergency medical treatment due to a car accident, no claims will be covered for either person as a result of the car accident. 
  • Pregnancy or childbirth complications, including treatment for the newborn, if the medical emergency occurs after 32 weeks of gestation
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