Vision Care 

Vision Care

Our MyRetiree Plan offers Vision Care benefits to you and your spouse/partner and other dependants, if you have couple or family coverage, for a variety of products and services designed to help you maintain healthy eyesight. To qualify for coverage, products or services must be prescribed or provided by:  

  • registered ophthalmologist,  
  • registered optometrist, or  
  • registered optician. 

You can find your plan details under Coverage on My ASEBP or on your ASEBP ID card on the My ASEBP Mobile App under Vision Care. 

Note that the following is a comprehensive summary of the official, legally binding ASEBP insurance policies and plan documents available through your employer or by contacting us

What's Covered

If your Vision Care claim is the result of an accident that impaired your vision, you may be eligible for reimbursement under your Accidental Death & Dismemberment benefits.


  • Every rolling two years 
  • 100% to a combined maximum of $300 per person  
  • Eye exams, prescription eye glass lenses and frames, prescription contact lenses, contact lens fitting fees, prescription sunglasses, prescription safety glasses, corrective eye surgery, and lens implants 


  • Every rolling two years 
  • Covers one eye exam at 100% to a maximum of $100 per person 

What's Not Covered

The following are a number of products and/or services not covered under the plan. Note that this list is not exhaustive.
  • Expenses covered through a government program, whether or not you or your dependants choose to participate in the program 
  • Eye exams for children up to 19 and seniors over 65 (these exams are covered through the provincial health care insurance plan as an Alberta resident)  
  • Extra billing charges or charges for missed appointments  
  • Artificial eyes 
  • Non-prescription sunglasses, non-prescription glasses and non-corrective lenses (e.g. frames for fashion purposes) 
  • Non-prescription safety glasses, lens hardening or similar treatments 
  • Services and products for cosmetic purposes (e.g. blepharoplasty, also known as eyelid lift surgery) 
  • Shipping charges or duty, when vision supplies are purchased outside of Canada 
  • Where treatment is experimental, educational or for the purpose of research 
  • Treatment and/or supplies provided free of charge (e.g. if an optometrist bills for an eye exam, ASEBP pays a portion and you or your dependant pay the remaining amount. If the optometrist does not require you or your dependant to pay your portion, ASEBP will not pay either.) 
  • Charges for products or services that are prohibited under legislation 
  • Services you perform on yourself 
  • Expenses incurred while on active duty in any military or peacekeeping force 
  • All expenses incurred as a result of conduct that would constitute an indictable offence within Canada

Additional Information

Rolling Period

Your plan maximums for Vision Care are based on a rolling two-year period based on the service date you received the treatment, service or product being claimed, and the date the claim is paid in full—not the calendar year. (E.g. if you make a vision claim for $100 on May 15, 2022, that $100 will be added back to your vision coverage balance on May 15, 2024.)  

You can easily track your expenses and view your usage summary on My ASEBP or the My ASEBP Mobile App.

Claiming Period

Claims must be received by ASEBP within 18 months of the date the expense is incurred. Claims for expenses that are more than 18 months old will not be paid.  

Non-Emergency Goods and Services Outside Canada

Eligible Vision Care products and services are covered if service providers have the proper qualifications for eligible services, no matter where they are located.

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