Emergency Travel Benefits 

Emergency Travel Benefits

Our MyRetiree Plan offers a beyond-industry-standard age cap for emergency travel benefits and is available to eligible members and their eligible dependants until the end of the month in which you, the plan holder, turn 85.

Coverage for travel emergencies includes medical evacuation or transportation, such as air evacuation, for all travel outside your province of residence. Exception: travel for medical advice or treatment, or as a covered member you are travelling to accompany someone else for medical advice or treatment. For details, visit What's not Covered.

In an emergency

  • In the event of a medical emergency, immediately call the applicable emergency access number to speak with a medical travel advisor. Toll-free in Canada and USA: 1-888-772-2583 
  • In all other countries, or if you have difficulties with the toll-free number, call collect: 1-403-225-4289 

On your call, please be prepared to quote your:

  • group number
  • identification numbers
  • travel plan number 879

These numbers are available on your My ASEBP or theMy ASEBP Mobile App. 

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90-Day Stability Clause

Our stability clause means there have been no changes to your pre-existing medical condition(s) 90 days prior to your trip date. Examples of changes include:

- an increase or decrease in medication
- a new medication prescribed
- hospitalization
- new testing
- treatment
- symptoms
- a new diagnosis for your condition

If you have a pre-existing medical condition that is not stable 90 days before leaving your province, or territory, of residence, then any claims relating to that pre-existing medical condition will not be covered.

Trip Duration Limitation

As a covered member, you can access 100% coverage over multiple trips per year up to a maximum duration of 100 days per trip. This includes a 72-hour extension for medical reasons or delays caused by a common carrier (airplane, bus, taxi, train), traffic accident, or mechanical failure of a private vehicle. Your 100 days reset upon returning to your province or territory of residence.

For trips extending beyond 100 days, you can purchase additional travel coverage through Alberta Blue Cross by calling 1-800-394-1965 and pressing #4. 

Lifetime Maximum

Following industry standards, our MyRetiree Plan has a per person lifetime maximum of $5 million of emergency travel benefits.

What's Not Covered

The following are a number of products and/or services not covered under the plan. Note: this list is not exhaustive.
View What's Not Covered

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