Diabetic Supplies

PLEASE NOTE: Due to a processing error in our system, remaining coverage amounts for diabetic supplies and insulin pumps and monitoring devices may be incorrect. We are working to resolve this issue quickly. Prior to further purchases, we highly encourage affected covered members to contact a benefit specialist at benefits@asebp.ca or 1-877-431-4786 to confirm any remaining coverage for these benefits. Pending resolution of this issue, effective October 16, 2023, these items will be reimbursed only to the validated remaining coverage amount (if any) as confirmed by ASEBP. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


  • Enhanced 100%
  • Core 70%

Every calendar year (January to December), you and your dependants can each apply your per person maximum of $4,000 towards the purchase of alcohol swabs, glucose monitors, lancets, penlets and syringes. Additionally, if you or your dependants have insulin-dependent diabetes, you can use your maximum to purchase a flash glucose monitor (e.g. FreeStyle Libre) based on a rolling two-year period and 30 sensors based on a rolling one-year period. Insulin pumps, continuous glucose monitoring receivers/transmitters and insulin are covered separately.

Note: dispensing fees for Continuous Glucose Monitoring supplies (i.e. Dexcom and FreeStyle Libre products) will not be covered as of February 1, 2022.


  • Batteries
  • Glucose control solution
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